Customer Reviews and Feedback

B&H Transport got its start on uShip. Our little business has grown to include many repeat clients, referrals and clever potential clients that found us on Facebook. If you would like to leave us a review, please submit a comment at the bottom of this page.

Please take a moment to read over 40 reviews and feedback we’ve received on our uShip profile. Click this link to view our business profile on uShip and read all reviews.

Below are some reviews from our Facebook page at

1 thought on “Customer Reviews and Feedback

  1. My Dad called me one day and said, “Son I’d like you to have my 2005 Harley-Davidson Road King Custom” I was shocked. He’d bought the bike new and took very good care of it. It was his baby and he was now giving it to me. I immediately searched for shippers to deliver the bike from Canton, MI to Oklahoma City, OK. I couldn’t find anyone that would make the trip for a fair price. I came across B&H-Transport just before giving up. I spoke with Brett (owner) and explained the situation. Within 15 minutes we agreed on pricing and a ship date; Just that easy. Upon pickup Brett sent photos of the bike secured (at least six straps) on his trailer at my Dads in MI. I believe I placed the order on a Friday and the bike was here the following Tuesday morning. Communication was great throughout and the bike arrived in excellent condition. I’d highly recommend B&H-Transport; they’re friendly and honest professionals. My experience was A-1.
    Thanks Guys!

    -Mike L.

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